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Breaking & Drilling

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Bosch Gsh 27
Heavy Duty Breaker
Price & Specification

A powerful electric breaker for breaking up concrete paths and roads. Breaks slabs up to 300mm (12').floors

Bosch GSH 11 E
Medium Duty Breaker
Price & Specification

Ideal for general work, these machines are both light and powerful. Can be used in/out doors. Breaks slabs up to 4".

Bosch GSH 5 CE
Light Duty Breaker
Price & Specification

A fast and effective way of taking off plaster raking or  pointing work, lightweight and easy to use.

Bosch GBH 11 DE
Heavy Duty Combi-Hammer
Price & Specification

Can deal with large masonry drilling and breaking jobs. Equipped with a Tungsten core. Can drill up to 100mm (4").

Bosch GBH 7-46 DE
Medium Duty CombiI-Hammer
Price & Specification

This machine is as effective drilling masonry as it is breaking it, a fast and effective machine.

Steels, Points, etc.
Price & Specification

A wide range of chisels in various shapes and sizes for all the breakers and combi-hammers.

GBH 4-32 DFR
Light Duty Combi-Hammer
Price & Specification

Ideal for drilling fixings and can be used for light chasing work.

Bosch GBH 2-23 RE
Rotary Fixing Hammer
Price & Specification

A small rotary hammer for fast drilling for fixings. Can drill up to 20mm.

Bosch GBH 2-23 RE Dust Ext
Dust Free Rotary Fixing Hammer
Price & Specification

As a standard rotary fixing hammer, but comes with built in dust collection

Bosch GSB 20-2 RE
Percussion Drill
Price & Specification

An excellent all rounder for drilling through wood, metal, plastic, brickwork or masonry.

Makita DA4000LR
Right-Angle Drill
Price & Specification

For drilling into awkward tight corners, specially designed with a right-angled head.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom
Multi Material Locator
Price & Specification

Locates not only metal but also wooden substructures as well as live and non-live cables. Max detection 100mm.

Bosch GBH 24V
Cordless Fixing Hammer
Price & Specification

For drilling fixings in places where power is hard to come by, such as, up scaffolding.

Bosch GSB 18 VE-2LI
Cordless Combi-Drill
Price & Specification

For drilling into masonry, wood, plastic and metal.  Can be used for screw driving as well.

Bosch Battery
Additional Battery
Price & Specification

Gives even more drilling time with a spare charged battery. Avaliable for all our Cordless tools

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