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Decorating & Cleaning

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Heat Gun
Hot Air Paint Stripper
Price & Specification

Easy to use heat gun that simply heats the paint till it blisters, then you simply scrape it off.

Textured Surface Remover
Textured Surface Remover
Price & Specification

Removes paint and textured surfaces from masonry, wood and plasterboard.

Wallpaper Stripper
Wallpaper Stripper
Price & Specification

The fast effective way to remove wallpaper and similar  wall coverings, safe and simple to use.

Wallpaper Perforator
Price & Specification

Leaves a series of holes in the wallpaper which can speed up the stripping process.

Bosch GRW11E
Power Stirrer
Price & Specification

For mixing paints, textured finishes, plaster and resins,  speeds up the mixing process and saves hard work.

Draper 25ltr Compressor
25ltr Air Compressor
Price & Specification

A 25ltr tank for either cleaning, paint spraying or powering air tools.

50ltr Air Compressor
Price & Specification

50ltr capacity Air Compressor with 145psi output and 10 bar of pressure.

Karcher HD 5-11
Electric Pressure Washer
Price & Specification

A heavy duty Pressure Washer with a 10m hose reel, 110 bar of pressure. Compact and versatile, a true all-rounder for fast thorough cleaning jobs such as vehicles, machinery and hosing down patio areas.

Hot Water Pressure Washer Electric
Price & Specification

An electric Pressure Washer with a Diesel Burner for removing oil, grease, graffiti etc

Hard Surface & Patio Cleaning Attachment
Price & Specification

A fantastic attachment for our Proffesional Karcher Pressure Washers (DC07.1) that turns them into hard surface cleaner. With a unique water removal system, excess water is kept to a minimun allowing perfect cleaning result in both outdoor and indoor situations.

Hurricane P4HR
Petrol Pressure Washer
Price & Specification

A mobile petrol engined washer with a 2900 psi output and a 30m pressure hose for the most demanding jobs.

Bowser Pressure Washer Petrol
Price & Specification

Petrol engined pressure washer with built in Bowser for use in areas with no water feed. Gives 2200psi at 13 litres per minute, it provides almost 12 minutes constant washing time away from a water source. Supplied with a 15m hose, standard & turbo nozzles.

Hose Reel
Hose Cart
Price & Specification

A 15m drum of hose for taking a water supply over a  distance.

Electric Floor & Carpet Tile Stripper
Price & Specification

Electric Upright machine that can be used for lifting floor carpet tiles, sheet vinyl, lino or carpet, this easy-to-use vibrating blade machine will cope with most commercial and domestic surfaces. It can also be used to chip off light mortar and plaster residue on concrete floors and other build-ups. The blade angle can be adjusted according to the type of floor covering

Floor Polisher
Price & Specification

For polishing and scrubbing large areas, comes with a choice of different cleaning heads.

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